Start to Finish Supplement Manufacturing

Start to Finish Supplement Manufacturing


STP Pharma has an extensive product catalog of private label formulas, packaging, design, and marketing strategies to quickly turnkey products to market for you in a cost effective process. We have partnered and guided some of the most ground breaking, innovative and effective health products and companies in the nutraceutical, vitamin, and dietary supplement industry to date.

We are open to proposals for the co-development of new products. With our experience, knowledge, production capabilities and your ideas, we are ready to support R&D, production processes, stability testing and clinical studies to ensure a successful product launch on the market.

We operate in a highly competitive and rapidly growing market. Continuous improvement across all business functions is a constant motivator and driver.

We’ve invested significant resource to ensure we’re best placed to meet current and future growth targets through:

  • Our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities
  • Experienced regulatory and highly skilled technical teams
  • Industry-experienced naturopaths
  • Qualified research and development teams
  • Procurement specialists
  • On-site laboratory
  • High-speed packing facilities

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